6 Possible Reasons Why You’re Having Trouble Selling Your Home

Having a hard time selling your home? Experience has shown that the following reasons tend to be the culprits more often than not. Consider the following so that you don’t have any trouble selling your home:

Too many things preventing people from coming through

A common mistake that many sellers don’t realize they’re making is putting up too many roadblocks that make it difficult for potential buyers to see the home. If you (or your listing agent) are difficult to get a hold of, are requiring too much notice and multiple calls to set up an appointment, or are implementing other practices that can be viewed as restrictions and inconveniences to buyers, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. You will certainly have trouble selling your home if you’re practicing some of these bad habits.

Your house is too old for the price you’re asking

It’s okay if your house still has its original baths and kitchen, but make sure that the price reflects that. If your house isn’t in great condition, don’t expect to get top dollar.

Bad photos

Your listing photos must be high quality. Consider hiring a professional photographer if your budget will allow. You’ll be stunned how much more interest will come your way. And this should go without saying, but make sure that your house is immaculate and looks fantastic before taking photos.

You may have priced it too high

If the price is right, virtually any house in any area in any condition will sell. With this is mind, know that there are certain things that buyers expect discounts for; things like off-putting paint colors, dated plumbing, clutter, and old kitchens. There’s a good amount of risk involved when you decide to price the home high with the intention of gradually dropping it. The main risk here is that you’re increasing the amount of time that your house will likely remain on the market. This gives a false signal to potential buyers that something is wrong with it. If you want your house to sell, price it right from the beginning.

The house is too dark

First impressions are immensely important. An empty, dark house is not going to allow for very many of those. You want to make your home look as warm and inviting as possible to those who come and view it. Try to avoid things like too much dark-colored leather and paneling. Consider repainting cabinets and panels white. And open the drapes!

Your home may be uninsurable

This is a more considerable issue in some states compared to others, but make sure that you’re aware of the standards in the state where your home resides. If it doesn’t meet those standards, get it up to code before trying to get someone to buy it at a reasonable price. Some states will disqualify home owners insurance until an inspection of the cooling system, roof, plumbing and electrical systems has been done. If you don’t get these things taken care of, you’re limiting yourself to buyers who have the ability to pay cash and renovate it themselves.

trouble selling

6 Possible Reasons Why You’re Having Trouble Selling Your Home

Trouble Selling

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