How Do I Keep My Property Rented and Ensure it is Well Cared For?

Whether you are managing your rental property on your own or using the help of a property management company in Saint George, your top priorities will be to maintain tenant longevity and make sure your property is never vacant and that it is well maintained so it can be profitable. In order to keep your rental property rented out at all times, your first step is to make sure it is extremely clean and in good condition. You can show your property to countless potential renters, but not get any takers if the place is in bad shape. Be sure to replace light fixtures as needed, and keep them clean. Keep appliances as up to date as possible. Change the furnace filters and always clean the carpets every few months or between tenants. Have a strict pet policy and no smoking policy, so that the damage from one tenant doesn’t leave you with several month’s worth of repairs and lost rental income. You will also need to be sure to set a competitive price for your rental so you will get plenty of interest from reliable and qualified people as prospective tenants. You can check other rental websites or ask your property manager to make sure your rental is priced correctly.

Once your rental property is in good shape to be rented and enjoyed, then comes the somewhat time-consuming process of placing ads for your rental and responding to inquiries until you find the right tenant. This is where a property management company for your Saint George rental really comes in handy. A property manager has the network and connections to find a qualified renter for your property right away which is an important step to tenant longevity. They can also help to word the ad so that your property sounds its best. They will take all phone calls and inquiries for you, and show the property several times until they find the right fit for you and your rental. If you don’t have the time to devote to answering phone calls and emails and placing ads every day until your property is rented, it might be best to turn over this responsibility to a property manager that can help you. If not, your property might remain vacant after your last renter, and every day of vacancy is taking money from your pocket.

Once the potential tenant has been found for your property, you will want to make sure to screen them carefully. Have a thorough application process, and be sure to check references and always pull a credit report. These indicators will help you to ensure you have a quality tenant that will stay with you a long time, and not skip out on their lease. Tenant longevity! Then, throughout the lease, maintain good communication and a positive relationship with your tenant. Attend to their needs and concerns quickly. If your tenant is happy with you and your service, they are likely to take good care of your property and give proper notice before moving out, so that you are in a good position before acquiring the next renter.

tenant longevity

How Do I Keep My Property Rented and Ensure it is Well Cared For?

Tenant Longevity