What Requirements or Restrictions Do I Have to Follow as a Landlord?

As a property manager, you will need to be aware of all landlord requirements and legal restrictions that apply to your rental property. There are a variety of things to know and follow, and many of these will come with experience and trial and error. You can always consult and experienced property management company in St. George to make sure you are abiding by all legal requirements that you need to as a landlord. These can be things like business licensing, real estate licensing, property management licensing, zoning restrictions, city ordinances, HOA rules, and property taxes and rules.

These can seem to be a lot to keep track of. Here are some of the basics. In Utah, one item on the list of landlord requirements is that all landlords are required to have a business license. So filing for a business license through the state is your first step. This license needs to be renewed every year for you to maintain compliance.

Also, zoning restrictions and city ordinances can be hard to keep track of, but the important thing to remember is that they exist. Basically every city and subdivision has certain ordinances and restrictions. Make it a habit to check into them. Do your research on the area you are considering before you ever make any investment decisions, or alterations to your existing property. Once you are familiar with your market as a property manager in St. George, you are likely to become an expert on the restrictions and rules to watch for.

Property taxes must be paid on all property that you own. This is a landlord requirement. They are generally due November 15 of each year in Utah, and it is best practice to set aside cash flow funds each month of the year to be able to make your tax payments.

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What Requirements or Restrictions Do I Have to Follow as a Landlord?

Landlord Requirements