5 Liabilities That Landlords Should Be Aware Of

A landlord liability is an aspect of being a property owner that the owner is responsible for, including risky allowances offered to tenants. Here are five of the more important ones that should be carefully considered.


Ah, animals. Usually a big head ache for many landlords that allow them. This is certainly a landlord liability because you’re taking a risk allowing them in really any situation, but many landlords allow them. Just know that if you allow them, there are many situations where you as the landlord will be liable in situations where your tenant’s dog clamps down on a neighbor’s hand or leg, especially if you knew beforehand that the dog had violent tendencies or has a known history of violence. In that situation, you are up against the wall. However, taking precautionary steps can help you avoid bad animal situations. We recommend not allowing animals, especially dogs, at all. But if you allow them, make sure that tenants keep their dogs on leashes when they leave the home for any amount of time. This assures that the dog won’t ruin your house while they’re gone. And of course, make sure that you give yourself the ability to evict the dog at your own free will if you feel the need to do so.

Criminal Activity

You must remember that is your responsibility to protect the people who rent your homes from criminal activity, especially if your property is in a high crime area. It is not advisable to own a home in a high crime area in the first place, but many landlords do and this section of the article applies to all landlords. Tenants can sue landlords if there is proof that the landlord has neglected to provide proper protection so it’s very important to secure your property as thoroughly as you can. Make yourself aware of the renter-protecting laws so that you can properly follow and adhere to them, and get a security system and always make sure that it is working.

Windows and Screens

This may be something that as a landlord would not make it on this list, but it definitely deserves a place on it. You do not want your tenant’s child to fall out of a window or hurt themselves falling through a poorly installed screen. In those situations, it’s most likely that you as the landlord will be held liable. Double and triple check each and every window and screen in all of your properties and make sure they are in good condition. Do checkups on them often to make sure that they haven’t been damaged.

Secondhand Smoke

Nobody likes second-hand smoke, and landlords should especially not like it because tenants can sue landlords over second-hand smoke in many instances. If one of your tenants suffers from any breathing abnormality or condition and their condition becomes worsened because of second-hand smoke while they are living on your property, it’s very likely that they would have grounds to sue you. We don’t recommend allowing smoking in the first place, similar to not allowing pets, but if you are okay with it the tenants need a specific place outside where they are allowed to smoke.


The elusive bedbug can be a liability. Many landlords and property owners are unaware of this. Bedbugs infestations are more common then you might think. It is vital to what is necessary to prevent this from happening inside your properties. Spray, spray, spray. Spray often.


Well, we hope that all of this information was helpful to all of you landlords and property owners. It is much better to take action to prevent potential liability situations rather than dealing with them as they come. And more then likely, they will come.  It is sort of the name of the game. Good luck with everything!

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5 Liabilities That Landlords Should Be Aware Of

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