What is Cash Flow?

Cash flow is a fancier term for something very simple. It is simply cash—the cash generated by an asset, investment, or business. When you consider any investment, you will want to research how much cash flow the investment is likely to potentially generate, and how quickly. You will need to know how soon your investment will be generating enough cash to cover the capital that you initially invest. Be aware of flow potential and weighing it against present risk will make you a smarter investor.

Managing it and being familiar with your cash budget is one of the most important elements to know in business. Whether you are investing in St. George property, starting a business, or buying stocks and bonds, you will need to understand your cash and expenses in and out to make your venture viable. In managing an investment property, cash will be used to pay for your mortgage, insurance, taxes, repair expenses, marketing, closing fees, permits, maintenance, employees’ salaries, and more. Your awareness of cash generated from each property or investment is crucial. As you become more experience with managing money flow for your St. George property investment, you will find that flow, budgets, and statements are terms that can be used in business interchangeably.

cash flow

What is Cash Flow?

Cash Flow